Saryu Boys Hostel

Saryu Hostel has a total capacity of 120 rooms. Out of which university has provided lodging facility to 303 students. Hostel has 38 rooms on ground floor , which has 3 rooms with 2 seater and 35 rooms are having 3 seater rooms. First floor is having 37 rooms, out of which 33 rooms are 3 seater and two rooms are two seater. Second floor has 45 rooms out of which 36 rooms are 2 seater and 9 rooms are 3 seater. Hostel has a mess to provide meals to the students. Hostel mess serves 100 students at a time. Students of Ist, IInd, IIIrd and IVth year resides in the hostel. Hostel has badminton, volleyball, cricket facilities for the hostler. Dr. Rana Rohit Singh, Asst. Prof., Department of MBA is Warden of the hostel, cleanliness and hygiene is properly maintained and are supervised on a regular basis.

Hostel Warden
Dr. Rana Rohit Singh 9839016560