Contact Details for Admission

For Admission in various Programme Students can contact to respective Departments

Course Name Name Email Id. Contact Numbers
Admission Coordinator Residential Programme (2022-23) Dr. S.S Mishra 9208496286
BVoc (Fine Art VISUAL ART)-(SFS) Dr. V.K. SRIVASTAVA 9415382891
MA (Economics and Rural Development)- (Regular) Dr. V.K. SRIVASTAVA 9415382891
MA (History Culture and Archaeology)-(Regular) Prof. N K Tiwari 9919926705
Bvoc (Tourism and Hospitality)-(SFS) Prof. A.P. SINGH 9415048416
MTA (Master in Tourism Administration)-(SFS) Prof. A.P. SINGH 9415048416
BVoc (Fashion Designing and Garment Technology)-(SFS) Dr. Anup Kumar 7985150920
MA (Adult Continuing and Extension Education)- (Regular) Dr. Anup Kumar 7985150920
PG Diploma (Fashion Designing)-(SFS) Dr. Anup Kumar 7985150920
Applied Psychology Dr. Anup Kumar 7985150920
BBA-(SFS),BCA-(SFS),MBA (Hospitality Management)-(SFS),MBA (Business Management and Entrepreneurship)- (Regular),MBA (Finance Control)-(SFS) ,MBA (Agribusiness)-(SFS),MBA (Tourism Management)-(SFS) Prof. H.S.Singh 9450117000
Sardar Patel Centre for National Integration Dr. SHAILENDRA KUMAR VERMA 9415183089
MA (Governance And Public Policy) Dr. SHAILENDRA KUMAR VERMA 9415183089
BSc (Physics Chemistry Mathematics)-(SFS),(Physics Mathematics Electronics)-(SFS), Prof. K.K. Verma    
 B.Pharma Course Dr. ANIL KUMAR 9415615292
 D.Pharma Course Dr. SINDHU SINGH 9415991334
Faculty of Home & Nutrition Sciences (M.A./M.Sc. Home Science P.G. Diploma in Nutrition & Diet) Dr. Neelam Pathak 9532038720
Department of Food Technology Dr. SHAILENDRA KUMAR 9415077035
Centre for Women Studies (Mahila Adhyan Kendra) Dr. TUHINA VERMA 9415076632
Institute of Earth & Environment Sciences Dr. JASWANT SINGH 9415717168
Electronics & Communication Engineering (IET) Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh 8318063609
Mechanical Engineering (IET) Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rao 9451938708
Civil Engineering (IET) Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sonkar 7080907063
Information Technology (IET)
Computer Science (IET) Dr. Lokendra Singh Umrao 9415772305
Electrical Engineering (IET) Mr. Ankit Kumar Srivastava 9451110115
Bvoc (Mass Communication and Journalism)-(SFS) Dr. Vijayendu Chaturvedi 9415374908
Mass Communication & Journalism Dr. Vijayendu Chaturvedi 9415374908
Sociology Dr. VINAY MISHRA 9415027538
Master of Social Work Dr. VINAY MISHRA 9415027538
Regional Language
MSc (Physics)- (Regular) Dr. ANUPAM SRIVASTAVA 9415253021
MSc (Electronics)- (Regular) Dr. ANUPAM SRIVASTAVA 9415253021
M.Sc. Mathematics (Statistics) - (Regular) Prof. C.K. MISHRA 9721336701
MSW (Rural Development)/(Criminology)/(Human Resource)/(Personal Management)/(Medical Psychiatry)/(Family and Child Welfare)-(SFS) Dr. VINAY MISHRA 9415027538
MPH -(SFS) Dr. Vinay Mishra 9415027538
MA (Human Consciousness Yogic Science and Therapy)-(SFS) S S MISHRA 9208496286
PG Diploma (Yoga and Alternative Therapy)-(SFS) S S MISHRA 9208496286
BPEd-(SFS) S S MISHRA 9208496286
BPES-(SFS) S S MISHRA 9208496286
MPEd-(SFS) S S MISHRA 9208496286
M.Ed. -(SFS) Dr. RAJEEV GAUR 9956754873
MA (Sindhi)-(SFS) Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh   9415164133
B.LibISc-(SFS) Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh   9415164133
MLibISc-(SFS) Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh   9415164133
 LL.M Dr. A.K. Rai    
B.A Dr. D.N Verma 9451178173
MA (English)-(SFS)      
MA (Hindi)-(SFS) Dr. Surendra Mishra   6393261433
PG Diploma (V.L.S.I. Design)-(SFS)