Centre for Women’s Studies

The Centre for Women’s Studies of Dr. Rammanohar Lohia Avadh University, Ayodhya offers an interdisciplinary approach in teaching, contributing towards an understanding of changes in gender relations and gender specific experiences. It contributes significantly to evolve a gender friendly society. The Centre focus on the economic and educational empowerment of rural distressed women. The Centre is running P. G. Diploma course in Women’s Studies as an “Add-on” course which could be joined along with other courses. Prof. Tuhina Verma is the Coordinator of this program.

The discipline, Women’s Studies has a core area of theory and draws on knowledge from various disciplinesi.e., Humanities, Economics, History, Literature, Political Science, Sociology, Social Sciences and Law, etc. as well as from its own studies. The focus is multi/interdisciplinary and expanding the frontiers of knowledge about the manifold facet of societies and economies, giving it the essential critical edge. As a discipline, Women’s Studies has established the implicit social responsibility to transform/influence other disciplines to include the feminist perspective, develop and empower women generally and more specifically increase their visibility in teaching, research and management in the universities and colleges by enhancing their academic strength and competence.

This Centre has been organizing many awareness programmes on several aspects of women empowerment such as role of Women in education, society, economic status, decision making, laws and rights inwomen protection as well as in social, cultural and political life, in order to create an intersectional understanding of various social factors which shape the identity of women. The Centre also aims to sensitize students and society to improve the conditions of women and ameliorate various gender based social inequalities and social evils in the country and to raise awareness on women’s participation and perspectives on other social issues and also to develop insight in to the process of protection of women health and environment.